Free WiFi

Royal Hawaiian Center guests are now able to shop, dine and relax with the added convenience of free WiFi access, at the largest WiFi Hotspot installation in Waikīkī. Free WiFi is now available throughout the second and third floors of Royal Hawaiian Center, provided by Oceanic Time Warner Cable. The installation of high-capacity fiber optic cable allows hundreds of users to log-on and surf the web simultaneously.

How does it work? Any person on the common walkways of levels 2 and 3:

  1. Opens their WiFi settings on their mobile device
  2. Selects the RoyalHawaiianCenter Network
  3. Opens their browser
  4. Accepts the Royal Hawaiian Center landing page terms & conditions
  5. Enjoys two (2) Free hours of WiFi per day on their mobile device

The Free RHC WiFi network is operational from 7:00am-Midnight daily. The Paid TWC WiFi network is operational 24/7 and is available if the user wishes to continue to stay connected after the two (2) Free hours. The TWC Access Pass will be available for $2.95 for one (1) hour/ $6.95 for a day/ $19.95 for a week and $49.95 for a monthly plan. The TWC Access Pass payment options include all major credit cards, JCB, BC Global, International Diner’s Club and Union Pay.

Free WiFi logo signage is displayed around the property and RHC advertising features the WiFi logos to promote this exciting customer service.