Legacy of Princess Pauahi

Photo of Princess Pauahi, a Hawaiian woman dressed in mid 19th century European style dress

The Hawaiian word “hanohano” means noble, distinguished, esteemed, or stately. Hanohano Helumoa is a reflection of the esteem that our kupuna held for this area as a beloved “wahi pana,” a place rich with stories and spirit. Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, owned by Kamehameha Schools, sits on these historic grounds.

On December 19, 1831, a royal child was born to Konia and Paki. Princess Pauahi was raised as a high-born ali'i of the Kamehameha family with strong values of education, faith and a talent for the arts.

In 1884, Princess Bernice Pauahi and her husband, Charles Reed Bishop, retired to their home at Helumoa in Waikiki. Knowing her days were few, Princess Pauahi penned the codicil of her will establishing her lasting legacy, Kamehameha Schools, for the education of Native Hawaiians.

Named for her great-grandfather who unified the islands under single rule, Kamehameha Schools continues its mission of providing for the education of Native Hawaiians with K-12 campuses on O'ahu, Maui, and Hawai'i, 30 preschool sites; and community educational programs throughout the state.

In the spirit of Princess Pauahi, whose commitment to Hawaiian culture and education has benefited generations, the center is proud to serve as the gathering place of the new Waikiki and a forum for Hawaiian culture.