Hawaiian entertainment at Royal Hawaiian offers up Hawai'i’s very best. The Royal Grove at Royal Hawaiian Center is a gathering place for kama'aina and malihini alike.

The nightly line-ups include:

Hula Kahiko at Helumoa

This Saturday series presents a halau hula (hula school) and their 'ōlapa (dancers) in The Royal Grove performing traditional hula where drumming chanting are the accompaniment. This contrasts with hula 'auana (modern hula) where singing and European-introduced instrument are the accompaniment. Costuming, instruments and stories are described in this showcase of hula enjoyed by our kūpuna (ancestors) and generations hence.

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Polynesian Cultural Center

Our friends from La'ie perform, showcasing the songs and dances of Polyensia including Hawai'i, Tahiti, Samoa, Aotearoa (New Zealand) and more. Many of their talented promotional team performers are students at BYU Hawai'i, and also perform out in La'ie at the world-renown Polynesian Cultural Center.

Calendar of Events